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Magnus Emilsson

    Hello again John.

    So if I get this right your monitoring chain while mixing is (A/D notes connection type digital or analog)
    Protools D-> Orion A-> B32 A-> Fusion A-> B2 ADC D-> Orion D-> Protools D-> Sonarworks D-> Orion D-> B2 DAC A-> B26

    I would at least try to bypass parts of the chain to see it that helps. First I would try going Fusion -> Orion and then Orion -> B26 and bypassing the B2's one by one. Just to troubleshoot. Also check up on the S/PDIF specifications for your units, originally it only supports 20 bits, if some of your gear conforms hard to the standard that might be a source of problem (unlikely though in this day and age).

    I would also try and use the Orion (main interface) as the main clock source, just to check.

    Record the same thing through different setups and then you can check the difference, both by reversing phase and look at cancellation and also by ear in the car. Then you can make some informed decisions about where your problems stem from.