Hey Tim!

    Listening now - like the panning at the start! Very niiiice! The panning on the 'heys' is particularly nice. I 'notice' the 'everybody knows' a little more.

    Still struggling with that low mid build up with the electrics - kinda dragging the mix at the moment - but you've handled the separation well. It's not masking things too much - maybe the djembe is being squeezed a touch.

    Nice additional of the acoustic at the end of the bridge.

    Low of the bass is nicely in place - you've managed to give the bass quite a bit of space - which works well.

    I do like the 'weight' of this mix. It's just a little jarring when the electrics first come in...

    Very decent job indeed. As you say the Djembe needs some auto - it was a heck of a task. I did take a deep breath before I did that one - I think that was the toughest thing to auto because I had to go through the entire track and do it by hand. But overall very nicely done indeed. Quality stuff!