Nice sense of depth and there's a good increase from narrow to wide into the chorus. You're struggling a little with that 'low mid' build up from the electric guitars that I think we've all struggled to deal with. As the track gets busier the frequency masking gets more problematic - which I think is the challenge of taking an approach of having so much down or around the center of the mix. Very tricky to deal with those frequencies with such limited tools.

    It's interesting that you can hear that slight tightening and 'glue' from - what I'm guessing - is a pretty small gain reduction on the limiter.

    I have a stock Brickwall sat on my SBUS (which isn't doing anything) but I had to do some extra auto to stop it applying gain reduction. Took a while to figure out what was causing the peaks. Ended up dipping the bass, acoustic, electrics all 0.5 dB to catch the clips. Eventually I got cheeky and decided I'd try for a -16 LUFS average (Apple Music) and managed to add 0.5 dB on the average for the track. But it would have taken too long to auto a -16 average. Ended up around -17 or so.

    It'd be cool to try to go for a -14 average (AES recommended for streaming). Oh so want to try that... could be another few hours of auto though. And there's no real point. But imagine the glory ..the glory!

    Cool mix! I'd try to dig out some more low mids from the electrics and maybe think about giving yourself a little more room to work with down the center of the mix. Nicely done!