Matthew Sweet

    So. Many. TRACKS! 🙂

    Total rookie here, but I'm still working my way through it. My primary DAW is Mixbus 32C, but I'm limiting myself to trim, pan, HP, LP, and faders. However I had a thought that I wanted a ruling on...how about the phase/polarity button? For example, if I had EQ, I would cut out some of the mids on the bass. If I have use of the phase button, I can still do so by duplicating a track, using the HP/LP filters to create a mid-band, flip the phase, and then fade in the amount of cancellation that I would like. This may be outside of the scope of the challenge though. What say ye?

    Thanks for the challenge by the way...it's a great stretch for me. I should have something to post in a week or so.