End of the day - so tired ears.

    Nice sense of depth on the mix. A lot happening down the center with the 'woahs' to the left - feels maybe a touch unbalance left to right.

    Shimmer on the vocal sustain is nice. I'd be tempted to add a smoother curve on the low pass to just take the edge of that shimmer.

    Guitars are coming in with a lot of low mid. Auto to reduce the dynamics on the lower guitar tracks and more aggressive high passing to lose some of those low mids.

    You're making life difficult for yourself by keeping the mix quite narrow. A little bit more width would make it easier for you to handle frequency masking.

    Vocal panning is cool after the bridge - nice touch!

    Bass is brought in nice and tidy. A touch more definition would be nice - but tricky with the limitations of the mix challenge.

    Very decent mix. I'd like a little more width and the guitars need to be tidied up a touch in the low mids - but the feel of the mix is very cool. Great stuff!


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