Mark Holden


    I've had a listen to the mixes great to hear the differences even with these limitations.

    I'm noticing those that tackle the sibilance the vocal loses a bit of brightness/air. My choice is to go down this road with some Low passing (hence the loss of air/brightness) I'm preferring this to editing the the vocal which I did start with but without the use of the compressor after editing things weren't sounded quite right.

    One thing I had to keep in check was not cutting with the EQ as that Acoustic needs it for that rattle/buzz.

    The Djembe is just great and those Electrics (the later ones) great for adding rhythem as well.

    I left out the bussed tracked and the Di's everything else is in there 🙂

    May revisit/add some panning automation not sure yet so posted progress soundcloud downloads enabled.



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