3rd mix in a row where I've noticed the weight on the lows in the percussion. Begin to think I've wimped out on my mix 😉

    Nice stereo from the get go. Like the 'wetter' approach to the vocals. Might need a touch less to give a bit more definition to the vocal. Just a touch - or perhaps low pass it a little more to allow the dry signal a bit more of the highs. Adjusting the Q will ease off a few more highs in the 'wet' without dulling it out too much.

    Guitars come in with a little too much low mid. Kinda washing across the mix. But the additional width works nicely.

    I like how alive this mix feels. This feels like a group of people coming together to make music. This has some real excitement to it.

    I like this a lot. Needs some tidying to be sure - but a very decent static mix. Great work!