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Magnus Emilsson

    Hello Daniel.

    This depends greatly on your needs and routing possibilities you have. Do you need distributed headphone monitoring in several rooms or just in one room?

    For distributed monitoring there are very nice digital systems that reduces the cabling a lot and allows for each listener to adjust their own mix completely, but those costs an arm and a leg. The main feature on these systems that recoups the cost if you're running a busy recording studio is instant recall of setup and levels.

    If you just need it in one or two rooms, don't have thousands of dollars to spend and have the possibility to send several headphone mixes I would go for the Behringer HA6000 or two of these for more outputs. It has an output for the main mix so you can have several daisy chained and you can send each headphone a separate mix or just their own instrument, the listener can mix between the signals themselves. At the price point nothing else comes close. The only real drawback is that the individual inputs are on unbalanced stereo 1/4" connections, but a tiny bit of hum and/or RF-interference at this point doesn't really matter since it isn't in the recording chain.

    For the main headphone monitoring, in the control room, for mixing I would go for something a bit more upmarket, like the Rupert Neve RNHP or similar just to get the highest fidelity. Which honestly, in my view, isn't needed at tracking.


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