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Tim Ellifritz

    Oh jeez got busy with other things last night, let's see...Cool Toby. Listening back now I got too busy with the bass, guitar player bass 🙂 , not surprised you pulled it out in that section. I'll change that to be much more simple and post a new bass track I think I'd like to hear bass in that part just not all that stuff I played at first. 🙂

    It's interesting to see / hear how when you "jam" like this you see how much different it is to create a piece of music collaborating online vs face to face. When working with other people I'm usually in the same room and the "Oh I should change this or that to fit what another part is doing" happens almost without realizing it. When one does it this way you get to do the same it's just takes longer but on the flip side you get a different perspective of what and how you arrive at the parts you create. Just my own observation.

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