Mike Morrison

    Hi Tony!

    Did a quick look through the site. Didn't get to everything, but found some stuff that I thought you'd want to know about.

    On the Home page, the icons at the bottom of the page under "Follow Us" won't load for me. Also in the footer is text that says "Newsletter" but there doesn't seem to be a link or a form to interact with.

    On the "Featured Mixes" page, I couldn't get the Steve Maggiora, Aliana Blair, and Stone tracks to play (Windows 10, Firefox Quantum 69.0 (64-bit)), but the SoundCloud tracks above them played fine.

    "Media" in the navigation bar seems to connect to your blog -- which is cool (love how you're offering free recording to veterans and active duty personnel!) Have you considered changing that navigation text to read "Blog" or "News" instead? After listening to the mixes, I clicked on "Media" wondering if you might have some studio photos/walkthrough or maybe some press/articles about your place.

    And plans to add your voice-over/voice acting reel(s) to that Voice-Over section? I don't know about everyone else here, but I'm always trying to expand my voice roster for client projects. 🙂