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    Kneecaps have been re-attached using gaffer tape. Should hold.

    Tim - oh yeah, what I meant it was my first 40 km ride in 4 years. I've been building up my cycle fitness over the past six weeks. Started out with some short 7 km rides to the next village. Gradually built up to 20 km. Took a my first series of proper hill climbs earlier this week (Luxembourg has a lot of hills) and took on a 40 km ride along the river between Luxembourg and Germany this afternoon. Not too bad. Got a little cramp in my left leg, but was able to ride it off. My own fault really, got a bit silly on the return and was zooming about like a kid. Beautiful day between the Vineyards and the river.

    I had a go at adding a little electric piano to the track. Not really my strong suit. I'm more about awesome obnoxious synths 😉 I created two tracks - one low, one high. Obviously I could have played both parts at the same time (given my immense skill 😉 ) but instead decided it world be more 'studio production' to have them separately. 🙂

    I've printed a rough reference mix just to demo how I had them sat. No more than that. I've also printed the individual tracks and midi files too.

    *The guitar timing shifts around a little at the end. The drums do a great job of staying with them - I haven't had time to correct the midi to match the shift, so the timing of the piano goes all wonky at the end. I've only created parts for the E and C6/Asus4/C6/C9 bits. But it kinda works like that. Creates a nice contrast. Could add simple chords in the change with the guitar. Maybe.

    Dropboxed! 🙂