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casey dankle

    Hi Thomas, I can provide you with some drum tracks that I recorded for a cover of Stairway to Heaven. These were recorded with 4 mics using the recorderman technique which is very similar to Glyn Johns technique. The mics used were Slate ml-1 large condensers on overheads and Slate ml-2 small condensers for kick and snare top, and the interface was Slate vrs8. If you do not use Slate products, I can print the tracks with the same modeled mics that I used in the mix, as the Slate system can model a multitude of well known mics. The raw recordings of the mics without any modeling sound very good also, so I can send you two versions of the tracks if you wish (one with modeling, one without) If you are interested in these, let me know and I can upload them tonight when I get home.