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Nate Wycoff

    Cool. I like the direction you're going. I feel like overall the balances are good, but maybe the shaker is pretty loud and possibly too bright, one thing I wanted to highlight in this song, well maybe not highlight but not cover up, was the work the drummer was doing on the hat. Man, he was such a good player it would be a shame to cover up his performance, there's already a lot of 16th note movement going on with the keys, so feel free to drop the shaker down a bit.

    And maybe the guitars are a touch bright, maybe that's a taste thing though. There is a spot on the vocals where it sounded distorted, maybe a bit too much saturation?

    Otherwise, I'm totally digging it. Kick sounds great, and I love the toms. And that weird effect slow down thing is frickin great!

    I don't mind you posting the song, but don't tag the band on any social media, just because I haven't announced that the remixes are coming and I want it to be a surprise next year.

    Thanks again for giving it a shot!