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stu brown

    Hey Louis, really like your mix, has a real driving kind of Euro Disco vibe to it, dunno if that's actually a genre but hopefully you get what I mean, its good stuff. I listened to mix 1.2 so dunno if that's your new version, but I gotta say I don't have a problem with the drums myself, and certainly don't think there's too much attack on the kick, think it sounds great as is tbh. I'm thinking that some of the more ambient sounds could come up as I find the bass and some other keys are are in the right place volume wise in relation to the drums. Anyway, another fine, creative mix, really glad you had a go at these.
    Re my mix, I didn't quite understand how there wasn't enough low end at first, sounded ok to me, then stuck it in a frequency analyzer and saw the huge drop off from about 90hz, oops. Whacked on a huge low end boost around 40kh and there was some bottom end. Ha! So thanks again guys. Interesting that Magnus mentioned mixing volumes, I have to mix super quietly due to living in an apartment and maybe that's where my low end problems are coming from cos I can't hear it properly. Something for me to think about.
    And slightly off topic but good on you Louis for dropping out the Mix Challenge thing. I mean I appreciate what that guy does but his rules are utter bullshit. You rendered at a different sample rate? Who cares?! Like you implied, does the mix sound good or not? If it does, who cares how you get there. And what the hell is pre-mastering? Does that mean nothing is allowed on the master buss? Cos I always mix through stuff on the 2-buss but I still don't know what he means even though he warned me not to do it again and someone else basically accused me of cheating. I sat out the last one cos the song was so terrible, dunno if I'll be back.