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stu brown

    Hey Louis, thanks for the feedback, just what I need on things like this. Used to do a lot of these types of remixes on The Weathervane site and its not the first time someone's mentioned something similar to what you did, 'nice sounds but doesn't go anywhere' or something similar. Which I totally understand cos its true. Think I spend so much time tweaking effects I lose sight of the big picture, just like my previous mix. Usually ends up being 3 or 4 different parts jammed together without any particular cohesion. You mentioned my 'plan was sound wise', I never have one, sometimes it works, sometimes not, I de-tune stuff throw some effects at it, then do that again and again, I just go wherever it leads me really. But still have a lot of fun. Interesting you mentioned the kick, actually added two to get some beef but I was prob being cautious with the low end after my previous mix was so bottom heavy. Anyway, hang in there with your mix, looking forward to what you do with it. Thanks again for listening and your critique, much appreciated, Stu.