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Keith Fels

    For the most part, mastering serves 2 purposes. First to balance out your mix tonally and second to boost the volume without compressing too hard while staying within the limits of the intended delivery. If we could do a perfect mix the first would not be necessary because there would be no need to correct so just do your best and don't worry about anything being perfect. As far as level, most streaming won't accept higher levels anyway so you can push it a little with a limiter but don't be too concerned about getting CD levels.

    Sonarworks is really just flattening the eq of your headphones/monitors so you can trust the sound you hear instead of worrying about boosted lows or scooped mids making you think your mix is even when it isn't. Anytime you are listening/mixing on your headphones you should have Sonarworks running (accept during a bounce which was talked about). If your HP have a boosted response say around 60-80 hz then your bass will sound great in your ears but maybe missing in your mix.