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Jeff Macdonald

    Thank you very much for your responses!

    Congrats on your success and I look forward to continuing to enjoy your work.

    Perhaps maybe one technical question that has been irking me lately. What are your thoughts on Low pass filtering across the majority of tracks? I, like I suspect many folks in the home recording world, don't have a super monitoring environment and can't really get the sub-frequencies to reproduce with great accuracy. Do you think it harms a production to say cut off guitar tracks below 60hz or a vocal down in that range, and systematically cut off tracks to essentially lop off anything that is outside of a reasonable range to save playback systems from having to recreate this stuff that really isn't adding much? I have read lots of opinions that advocate cutting all tracks, cutting some tracks and leaving it all unfiltered unless an effect is desired. I would really love to hear your opinion on this and if doing this in the mix stage that will allow for a better master.