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Nate Wycoff

    Peter! Cool mix!

    Thanks for giving this a shot! Summer At Your Place is a song I would really like to hear someone do a dance remix on too if someone dares!

    I could use more weight (40-60hz) in the kick drum for sure. The snare sounds snappy, but maybe a little thin? I'd love to hear some Bonham sounding drums, IDK if we can get there from what was recorded, but I just want big boombastic sounds. I want that kick to punch my chest! I know the recording is heavy on the 100hz area on the kick, they didn't capture much low end, so feel free to replace drum sounds if you need.

    There is one thing, and this was just something I should have taken out myself, those weird 16th "percussion" keyboard sounds that is kind of doubling the high hat, we always hated that sound. lol. Our producer put that in! I guess I left it in just in case someone wanted to do something with it.

    I'll live with this mix for a bit and let you know if I have other thoughts. Thank you so much for taking the time to mix this!

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