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Rich Westphal

    Suggestions on what Brand are great, but what purpose and scenario's is just as important,,,
    I usually share these when someone asks about DI's ,,,

    DI boxes part 1: What does a DI box do, and when do I need one?
    DI boxes part 2: Active vs. Passive
    DI boxes part 3: Amplifier DI’s - using, advantages and disadvantages
    DI Boxes Part 4: Stompbox/Pedal DI’s

    Ground Loops Explained

    Typical Set up even into one Outlet,,,
    AUDIO you can Listen to 2 Examples showing a ground loop Noise
    Solving Laptop Noise and Ground Loop Audio Interference

    EMI causes noise
    Why is my guitar rig BUZZING? - Dealing with 60 Hz HUM ("50 or 60 Cycle Hum")

    Ground LIfting

    Light dimmers can cause noise