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Adam Ayan

    Hi Mange,

    We are creating many different types of production masters for all projects these days. Creatively they are all the same, they only differ in deliverable. That means different sample rates and bit depths (I always master at the highest rate the mix was proved at), and overall level in the case of Apple's Mastered for iTunes, Spotify, and possibly in the future other streaming services.

    So, the variations are usually as follows: DDP for CD Master, High Res WAVs for HD digital distribution, High Res WAVs with side splits for Vinyl, 441/24 WAVs lowered in level for MFiT, 441/16 WAVs for all other digital distribution, as well as 41/16 WAVs lowered in level for digital distribution (I am experimenting with this as of late) - I think that covers all of them!