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Frequency Painter

    Thx Magnus. This kind of music is right up my alley, you'll probably hear that 🙂 Your production was very suitable to get some "old" things out of the closet. Something like Kraftwerk meets Jean Michel Jarre. I only used vintage processing like a Roland DEP5 delay, Eventide 2016 reverb, an RMX 16 and a Binson Echorec unit. I decided to make the dynamics of the mix modern and punchy (is the click of the BD not a tad too much?). There's a lot of processing under the hood, the low mids were a challenge to give every thing its place without losing warmth.

    Just that you know, if you want, you can use my mixes commercially. Quid pro quo 😉



    P.S. : Sunday dubs next? 🙂

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