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Jared Sherman

    I am a big fan of Softube and Plugin Alliance for emulations. The Softube FET Compressor is brilliant, as is their Summit Grand Channel. From Plugin Alliance I am a big fan of all the Elysia and Vertigo emulations. I am also a big fan of McDSP though they don't typically do the straight up emulations that some other companies do. I also have the Slate Digital stuff and that is also very good. I do not have a UAD system so I cannot make the direct comparison to that, but I would imagine that its software would have a lot of trouble being much greater than the companies I just mentioned, simply because the software I just mentioned is already so good (and in fact there is even some overlap there as Softube and Plugin Alliance both develop for UAD).

    I would say that a lot of stuff out there isn't necessarily so much better or worse than many other alternatives - you can get the job done with a lot of different tools. Just get what tools you need for what your budget can fit and make music!

    P.S. Softube, PA, and McDSP all have very good demo offers for you to try them out.

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