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Adam Ayan

    Hi Steve and Jared,

    I apologize, but I do not share my mastering chain. That said, I will say that the Massive Passive EQ you (Steve) saw in my rack is one of my favorite EQs of all time, and I use it both in hardware and software. I am also partial to the Massenburg GML and MWD EQs (again both hardware and software). I can accomplish almost anything with those EQs 🙂

    Interestingly enough, I am staying almost entirely "in the box" these days. I have a great selection of analog and digital hardware to use, but I'm finding my software and plug-ins are my go to for almost everything lately.

    Steve - you hit on something very important at the end of your post. It's really not the gear, it's the engineer and his/her experience and talent that gets the job done! That said, the engineer also knows what gear to utilize.

    Jared - You asked a great question at the end of your post about common mix problems that need to be fixed in mastering. I think that one deserves it's own post/thread. If you set that up I will answer it within the next few days.