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Frequency Painter

    Hi all,

    Sorry for the late response, I took some R&R 🙂

    @ Magnus
    Thx man, it was quite a journey tbh. I first tried a heavy tech house approach, but it wasn't really fitting the "song" so I toned down the heavy/dark feel keeping just a few elements i.e. a heavier BD and some low key delay/rumble on it. It may sound a bit weird and nerdy, but the syncopated hihat kind of dictated a more "clean" soundscape imo. So I ended up with a more cosmic techno vibe accentuating the hypnotic feel of the original. I also fiddled with the timing of the bass to make it fit the movement of the BD delay. Once again, thx of the opportunity.

    @ Paul
    Eagerly waiting to hear your take on this 🙂

    @ Stu
    Thx. I like your creative editing, the refreshing grooves you created with the original tracks and the rawness of it all. I do spot some conflicting frequencies between the bass tracks and the bass drum eating away the punch of the latter and the overall transparency/consistency of the low end... But regardless, I think your approach is much more creative than mine, something I need to work on. Listening to your version was really inspiring to say the least.

    And now we all should try and convince Magnus to let us (re)mix the other songs of his EP 🙂

    Cheers guys,