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Mikkel Junker

    Sorry - been away for at few days...
    Well, to start with - the mixing/post production I do most, is Trad. Soul (Blues Brothers/the Commitments) - it's the band I'm playing in.
    But I do other bands as well - being a live technitian (that was not correctly spelled), I occationally record them as well - mainly for demo or Youtube demos.
    @Scott P - Marvellous - I might hold you up on that. I was really amazed by you take in "Only Women Bleed" on feedback friday. You crated that "beeing in the hall" sound. It seems like You have some experience in that direction.

    @Magnus - I'll check them out - thanks

    @Kevin - Decca tree - never tried that - only AB setups. I guess the idea is to get a more defined image? I only use my AB for ambience.

    Yea, it's a struggle and very difficult to maintain a clean and tight buttom - without the kick loosing focus, when you have 11 people on a quite small stage. And the bleed in the backing mics is allways ruining the overall mix...