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Jared Sherman

    It's not under $40 but I love the BSS AR-133 and if you contact Full Compass for a quote it was like $130 last time I checked (Sweetwater sells it for $179 I believe). When I used to work at a major studio we all swore by those things and sometimes even preferred them to the really expensive Avalon U5 which we also had. The BSS boxes are built like a tank so they should never fail on you. I have two. I consider that a pretty cheap DI as my more fancy DI is an A-Designs REDDI which I love love love on bass guitar (though the BSS is pretty fantastic on bass too, and, well, everything really). I have only had poor experiences with the sub-$40 range of DI, and any time I am in a situation live where the venue has those cheapo DIs I always make sure I bring my own to switch out just in case because clarity and detail are usually lacking otherwise. Radials are nice too but I don't think you can get the comparable Radial at the price you can get a BSS and they are well built but not as well as the BSS.

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