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Matt Graham

    So it went well in terms of micing and what I captured.
    Tamara wanted to record her session with the trio then track vocals after the guys left. She is seated at my “control room” using my talk back mic as a scratch vocal while they recorded their sections. Later she sang along live to the prerecorded material for a quick video shoot for her to eventually use on her website. She and the Trio both want to use the session for self promotion. I am doing this work for her for free. The trio enjoyed their experience and want to hire me to record a live show!!! I’m pretty stoked!!

    Currently in the process of setting up a skype session with warren to go over the raw audio tracks Inhave and develop a plan of attack. Also, our good friend at PLAP, Lem, is helping me out behind the scenes. Can’t wait to get this out to you all for critique. Being a rock guy at heart, this is challenging. I have started listening to Bill Evans material for some reference and to get my ears tuned to what the guys are after. Wish me luck!!!!