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    If I do a live recording, I always set up a Decca Tree. The idea is to capture the overall picture almost as if you’re in the best seat of the concert house. I also record a split feed of all the channels from the Front of House. In the mixing stage, I push the Tree up, apply the required EQ and then I bring in the lead vocal, solo, and backings. After that, I mute all of this and start mixing the rest of the close mics, starting with the drumkit. I don’t clean up everything, but I start to search for a balance that works, leaving in the bleed. Only if it becomes really ugly, I’ll try to manage this with automation, expanders, whatever is needed. However, the odds are that you can’t solve this problem without introducing other problems that probably are more problematic. In that case, I ballpark it. I still have the Tree that may back things up. Mixing a live recording is quite a challenge, the key is to not do drastic edits, applying a lot of automation, listening to the overall picture and to not zoom in on details, and of course the Tree.