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Arthur Labus

    It is middle of 2019, meanwhile my common mastering chain looks as follow:

    Mastering as separate process, using bounced stereo file with Master Bus processing.
    All in the Box, using free and affordable plugins, in order:

    vMeter (TBProAudio) - setting the signal to 0 VU (-18 dB)
    NLS Bus Stereo (Waves) - console vibe and stuff
    BootEQ (Variety of Sound) - cleaning up/ boosting eq
    ThrillseekerXTC blue (Variety of Sound) - exciter
    [option] GEM Dopamine - dolby simulation
    Baxter EQ (Variety of Sound) - transparent mastering eq
    DensityMkII (Variety of Sound) - bus compressor
    TB ReelBus (Toneboosters) - reel simulation
    Charly Limited [Prime Studio] - gain & "analog" summing
    TB Barricade [ToneBoosters] - limiter
    Youlean Loudness Meter [Youlean] - metering (usually aiming for- 14LUFS)

    Any thoughts ?