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Magnus Johansson

    Have the same role as you in a coverband. I have it slightly easier with only one acoustic instrument, drums. I would put more mics on the drums for sure. Even if it´s not going out in the PA it´s nice to have in the inears. Personally I have only the PA sound going out in my ears, the others have personal mixes. I rarely change anything but the masterbus eq so soundcheck is pretty quick. Sure, optimal would be to have more control of whats happens to the boom and fizz when people starts to occupy the dancefloor. We do bring our own PA so thats a little help there. I believe it´s more common in other countries to just bring your instruments and plug in to existing PA. It happens here too but it´s rare. Keep finetuning those inears during rehearsals and musicians start to mix themselves. Too much guitar, bring it up in guitarist monitors.

    Phasey drums, I use xy overheads. Not as wide result but pretty safe for phase. Nice to have stereo in recording. Playing mostly small places I don´t put that much of the overheads in the PA. To me the main problem with acoustic drums in small places is the cymbals. I you have inputs I would consider also doing stereo crowd. Nice to have during mixing.