Academy Dashboard Forum Studio DAWs Cubase: Recording and Mixing Cubase 10/Win 10 Reply To: Cubase 10/Win 10

Erik Duijs

    No complaints about Win10 + Cubase, it works fine. I actually prefer Win10 over Win7 (or 8).
    I don't think it matters at all whether you get Win10 Pro or Home for a DAW (I have Home myself), unless you need Pro features like it being able to act like a remote desktop host or something.

    One horror story I have about Windows (7,8 or 10) is that the windows audio system sometimes cuts out for my audio interface if I use my audio interface with both ASIO/Cubase and other applications (i.e. a browser). ASIO/Cubase then still works fine, but I get no audio out of other applications anymore unless I set windows to use on-board audio.
    Switching back and forth between my audio interface and the on-board audio usually works, but sometimes I just have to reboot to fix it.
    Not really a horror story I suppose, but it is an annoyance when it happens (although again it's not specific to Win10 and YMMV).