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    Thanks for the reply!

    I do have a Furman Furman PL-8 CE. I actually took it out of my system. I had an odd pair of noise peaks at 400 and 600 hz, and I'd read in the 'Handbook for Sound Engineers', that RF noise filters and surge protectors can actually cause more problems, than they solve. But I might try putting it back in and seeing what happens.

    As you say, it could be many things - particularly living in an apartment.

    Analogue/Digital converters create low frequency noise, as does Electromagnetic Radiation between power cables of different current draw, and transformers are prone to picking up electromagnetic interference from nearby power supplies and power lines.

    Of course it could be because I simply forgot to cross the Chicken Bones!'s always something simple 😉

    Thanks again for the reply - have a great weekend!