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John Gleason

    What you might want to try is a Furman power strip/conditioner. The ones that focus more on conditioning are under 200 euros (at least in the U.S.). I'm not sure about your voltages locally. Before buying anything, I would call Furman (or other similar suppliers), explain your problem and get their suggestion of what to buy. Are you using any outboard gear? If so, one of those devices may be the source of your problem. Try disconnecting each outboard device one at a time and see if anything changes. Do the same with mics. Also, talk to your power company and see if they can help identify the source of the noise. You may also have noise sources (especially lights) in your house or your neighbors that are causing the noise (although these often are higher-frequency sources). Another idea, once you have proven that the noise in coming over the power line (and it may not be), is to look at some of the computer battery backup devices which run the computer off of the battery continuously (some do) which provides some isolation from the power line.

    Also, make sure to cross the chicken bones when poking around for a solution. 😉

    Good luck!


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