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David Michael

    Personally, I am having a terrible time with this update. I am on a Mac. I already had Mojave installed before I migrated to Pro Tools (I didn't see their warnings before doing so sadly).

    I have now lost track of the number of times I have had to force quit the application as it has run out of CPU and will not respond. Last time I ran it (about 15 minutes ago), the system told me that Pro Tools was not optimised for my system and would need to be updated!! Like, say that again! It fell over after about 20 seconds of playing the session I loaded. CPU fans go crazy running the application (mind you it did that before the update - so probably my system) and it did /does that simply playing the audio with nothing added.

    I tried some stuff like dropping the sample rate back down and increasing the memory and that seemed to work but obviously not really.

    I do not have the luxury of having a dedicated system for music so it is running on a 'home computer' for want of a better phrase. Having said that it is running a 4Gz Quad Core i7 with turbo boost to 4.2Gz and hyper-threading so it has 8 virtual cores (at those speeds). It has 32Gb of main memory and a 1Tb SSD. The system is not slow.

    I have tried cutting down on the running applications like browsers etc to no avail.

    Pro Tools worked better before this update. For me, it is essentially unusable right now.

    Shame that because a) I really like the application and b) I am paying for it.

    If anyone has any ideas, throw them my way.

    Thanks, David