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Marc Van Der Meer

    Hi @chris Selim!

    Just discovered your videos and your course. Great stuff! I was wondering if you could help me with the following: I'm trying to incorporate some hardware in my setup. Because I don't own much more then a compressor and a preamp, a patchbay is ofcourse a bit crazy. I do however like the possibility of being somewhat flexible and have the compressor available for tracking, but also for mixing. To be really honest, I have always ignored the input channels in Cubase, not knowing what they're there for, besides showing I have a signal.

    Could I just add an external effect and put that on an input channel so that affects all channels on the way in, and move it as insert of a channel after recording (when mixing)? Since I record one track at a time most of the time.

    Or are there benefits of physically go from Mic->Preamp->Compressor->Cubase? And then later reconnect the cables?

    I could of course put it as an insert on a track, but that would mean I have to mix down every track seperately.

    Are there any benefits to one way over the other? Or is it really a matter of preference and aren't there any other benefits from one way over the other?