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    Hi Jared and others,

    I think your suggestions are fantastic.

    I would also love it if Warren uploaded the absolute raw tracks of a song he has recorded and for all of us (or whoever's interested) to produce that song alongside Warren to a fully mastered and releasable single.

    I know we all have varying types of gear available to us, but after tracking, the DAW's offer pretty much the same features in sound production.

    The way I see it happening would be for Warren to produce each part and put it up as a video series. For example; Warren might firstly sort out the drums (compress, EQ, etc...) in the first video, then sort out the bass guitar in the second video, then vocals third etc... to the point of a fully mixed and mastered version of the song.

    Please forgive me if this has already happened, and if so could someone please point me to the video's and threads for this.