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eX Cess

    I'll agree on this one, there's a huge myth about picks and string gauge and even experienced guitar players I know still think the heavier strings and picks are, the bigger the sound^^
    As Cris said, it's gonna be more about how comfortable you feel than anything because sound is reaaaaaaally in the hands, and that is no myth at all!
    However, if you're talking strictly about acoustic guitars, there are a couple of points you could consider :
    extra-light acoustic strings are 10-47, which is more or less a "light" gauge for exlectric, so it's not that light. So if you think about bending strings for example, you may want to stick to 10-47 or 11-52 max, except of you have Hulk hands of course 😛
    As for picks : for strumming, lighter picks, say 0.65 or a little under, will give you a little more clarity and a little less dynamics (because the pick will bend on the strings), therefore it's more forgiving especially for recording, accents will be softer even if you strum hard. It also gives you this nice sound of the pick strumming the strings, brush if you will, which can be very enjoyable.

    This is detail, because except for your hands, the overall sound is the combination of woods, body size etc...

    Also, if you try different gauges, don't forget that your neck will move, so each time you change gauge you'll have to survey your neck and work on the truss-rod.

    Finally, my own little tip : Once you're set on your gauge, try Elixir strings. They're more expensive but last way way longer than any other strings I've ever used, keeping brightness and being in tune for months, where "regular" strings will be over in 1 to 3 months (I'm not endorsed! but that saved me a lot of money!)