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    I kinda think that as soon as I move the first fader I'm working on volume automation. Sometimes that automation is just one static level, sometimes it's note (or smaller) specific. So I'd be more interested in the reverse side of the first question, and that's how to tell when it's time to stop working on it.

    I'll copy paste your questions so I can add to each.. Mostly to avoid "It depends" answers 🙂

    "Do they use the dreaded elastic bands or a VCA fader, or DAW controller etc?"

    What options are available for volume automation and are there particular scenarios where one would be a better choice than the others?

    "How does its effect differ from compression? Do people like to use the two together? If so, do they Automate first and then compress or vice versa, or a mixture of both?"

    I tend to use clip gain for automation, before any compression. On a song I'm currently working on the vocal is very dynamic and I wanted to keep that. Towards the end of the mix I decided intro vocals needed to come down. They no longer were at the right level for compression and peaks became a problem. I learned a lesson there and will probably use a mixture of both in future. So my questions would be "What are the advantages and disadvantages of automating volume before or after compression?" and "When is compression a better choice than level automation, or vice versa?"

    "Do they automate a track with all the other tracks playing, a selection of ‘relevant’ tracks, or with the track in ‘solo’?"

    Are there any advantages or disadvantages to automating a track with all the other tracks playing, a selection of ‘relevant’ tracks, or with the track in ‘solo’?

    Do people like to automate single tracks, groups of tracks together (via linking, a group bus or FX bus), or a combination?

    What circumstances would lead to you choosing to automate a group of tracks or even a full mix over a single track?

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