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Steve Dandrea

    I bought the series. I personally wasn't disappointed at all. Is it a smart marketing move on Slate's part? Of course, but so what? I disagree with the notion that the series doesn't go in-depth enough. The thing about CLA is he comes from a time in mixing when there wasn't forums, and youtube, and social media where you can learn a million "tricks" when it comes to mixing. The guy really just uses his ears, that much is evident when you look at his EQ settings.

    It doesn't matter to me that he's an OTB mixer doing an ITB tutorial - in fact to me it's inspiring because when you open up the included session in your DAW , it sounds like a CLA mix. If I knew nothing about the background of the mixing tutorial and I heard the song, I would say "that sounds like a CLA mix". For better or for worse, it's identifiable. And what makes that inspiring to me is that he was able to get "his sound" but mixing completely in the box. Yes, the tracks were recorded with good gear by engineers who know what they are doing, but it is still completely mixed in the box. The only thing stopping me from getting good mixes ITB is my own skill set. One of the reasons I am here. 🙂