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face (chris) Janton

    What I am doing with tracks like "One Way Track" is to comb through about 300 sets, 180+ different tunes, and create a "Live from The Boondocks" set of CDs 😉 All of the mixes I currently have are "rough". The goal is to get an extended set that "plays like a live set" that will work on a phone speaker, and listening on a home stereo. Not too wide, but make it sound like you're in the bar.

    I will be doing the bulk of the mixing in mono, then making gentle adjustments to the instruments to spread them out across the soundstage. Not too wide.

    I think I posted in a different thread offering to provide some multi-tracks to folks who might want to poke around with "the tapes". Certainly a different working set than we get from studio recordings.