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Tony Falbo

    I am so new to this mixing stuff I just came to see what others are doing. Yes Lisa, the organization and coloring is lesson I am glad I learned pretty quick.
    I probably should check in mono more often, I almost never do that. My gain staging is basically keep things as close to -12 db until I know I am getting close. After that I allow myself some leeway.
    I love the sound of overdrive and modulation in parallel for some reason. Sometimes I use a guitar pedal, sometimes I use a 76 with the compression off, sometimes I overload the input of a plugin.
    As for workflow, I usually start with what is bugging me the most and move down the list. Often I have to go back and tweak what I have done before as things continually change. I would like to try this "linear mixing" thing though.

    Great topic! I am sure I will be checking this thread quite often.