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Just Lisa

    Oh, that's interesting, Kip.
    I've been thinking lately, Magnus, about how things I do might be typical or unique. I am fascinated by the act of learning, how subjects are taught and the various ways people learn.

    I notice my own work habits have changed quite a bit since Warren started doing his livestreams. I don't use a template anymore. I set up some preset fx chains so I can quickly add meters to my Main Out, a limiter and the trusty SDDR2 to my Mix Bus, and a stock level meter and eq to any other track or bus as I go along.
    Studio One automatically colors tracks as you bring them into a session. I don't start color coding them right away anymore. It's fun to look at the pretty rainbows.
    After I've organized and got my routing all in place, then I color code them before I roll up my sleeves to get to the real mixing.
    I do still use the same color coding scheme I made for myself last year.
    I ALWAYS set up a Mix Bus that isn't the Main Out.
    I ALWAYS "print'/record my mixes onto a track in real time and listen while it's happening.
    I don't like VU Meters, so I use a level meter with number display instead. (It dawned on me one day, it's my DAW, I can monitor the noise however I want to!)
    Putting an L1 limiter on the mix and main outs set at -2dB -- safety limit. I work in headphones, and I don't need the pain that happens when I forget to mute something or pull a bunch of faders down.
    We're getting better all the time!
    : )