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face (chris) Janton

    I will offer slightly different advice. I run macOS Mojave on my 2013 iMac, and my 2014 MacBook Pro.
    A change from El Capitan to Mojave skipped 2 versions of macOS - Sierra and High Sierra.

    It is highly unlikely that all of the plugins from the El Capitan system are going to be Mojave capable.

    The way to get a predictable and workable system is to re-install all of it from scratch. This is can be traumatic - all sorts of things change...

    Pick a machine to be "the original". Install macOS Mojave on it, along with all of the plugins. Get this to work! Putting El Capitan on the new machine isn't going to help the old software.

    Once you get a fully working 10.14 system get yourself an external SSD drive (500GB at least) that you can connect to the USB3 port on the iMac. Clone the iMac to the external drive (Carbon Copy Cloner is an excellent to) making it a bootable drive. Once the clone is finished boot from the external drive and verify that the studio is happy.

    Whew! Step 1.

    Take the external SSD drive to the old iMac and boot the old iMac from the external SSD. If the old iMac is a spinning hard drive you will probably be amazed.

    The reality is that modern Macintosh operating systems cannot be run from spinning hard drives. The extreme slowness makes the machines appear to be broken. An external SSD (has to be USB3) gets to a survivable performance level.

    As I write this I am waiting for my new 1TB external SSD 😉 I have tested all that I propose and I am completely happy.
    New SSD is going to get a bootable macOS with Logic and all the tools installed, including my now quite large sound library (500GB).
    I should be able to boot any of the Macs from the new drive, and run Logic on all of them.

    The changes to the Mac OS that have happened in the 6 years since Yosemite (pre-El Capitan) showed up are beyond dramatic.

    If you need to run El Capitan you should "freeze" the machine, take it off the network, and lock it in the studio. Treat it like a non-upgradable piece of analog gear.

    NB - this is true for Logic, ProTools, Studio One, all of them.

    Long winded. Hope it helps.