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    These sort of problems can drive you nuts. I would turn off any ad blockers, security software, and blocking cookies. You computer needs to be checked for malware. An excellent program is Malware Byte, You can download a demo version, when the trial period ends, it reverts to a free version with less features. See if any of this helps. First you have to deal with any OS issues before you tackle Logic. This has worked for me.

    If you haven't, re-download the latest Logic from the App store after the OS is installed and see.

    The next step that I would take is pretty dramatic, a clean download. Use an external USB disk so that your main disk isn't changed, make it a boot drive and install the OS onto it. There are instructions on the net as to how to do this. See if this cures your system performance issues. If it does, you'll know what needs to be done on the computer's main drive. Install the latest Logic from the App store onto this external drive and see. You don't need to reload all you plugins for this test.