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CJ [Spectrum424]

    Hey Stefano,

    In fear of being obvious, but have you checked so the snare tracks aren't out of phase?
    I mean since they are duplicated. That can create some weird cancellations.

    Not sure of what type of music you wanna fit your snare to but here are som recipes that I use as starting points:

    Subtle and mild cut through:
    +3db at 200hz
    +4db at 4khz
    +4db at 7khz

    Solid traditional sound:
    +5db at 250hz
    +6db at 2khz
    +4db at 5khz
    +8db at 10khz

    Thick and smoothe sound:
    +6db at 180hz
    +4db at 250hz
    -4db at 800hz
    +6db at 3khz
    +8db at 7khz

    Deep and punchy snare:
    +9db at 200hz
    +3db at 2.5khz
    +1db at 3.5khz
    +8db at 8khz