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    Hi John & Chris

    Thank you for your reply, really appreciated.

    It is not that I have not used the DM24 anymore, but let us say maybe 4 times in two years or so for multitrack recordings on location. In my studio, I mix hybrid (if the budget allows it). I switched to an analog 56 channels SPLINT console 10 years ago. Before that, the DM24 was my main studio console and DAW I/O. I like to have 16 channels automated on my analog console so I can stem out eight stereo tracks from my DAW. If needed, I insert hardware (parallel) processing, Apex Aural Exciter, Distressor, Fuzz pedal, whatever. That is why flying faders are useful to me. Furthermore, for programming strings, for example, it just works more intuitive for me, and faster too, if I can record commands like vibrato, bowing, expression, volume, etc. with hands-on faders. I am an electronics engineer as well, so I know exactly the modifications that I need to implement so that I can record fader moves in my DAW and vice versa.

    What is the DM24 worth for me? Well, actually, that was my question (Lol). I paid that thing including all the options +/- 10.000€ incl. 21% VAT many years ago. I see that these mixers go off on eBay for 500€ or so. So, to be honest, I do not know. I should say 2000€, but I realize very well that nobody will ever pay me that much.

    I can buy a set of five new motorized faders from the Behringer X32. These will cost me 100$ incl. VAT. I think that this is the best option, but then I still have that DM24 in a flight case that never gets used anymore.

    If I strip the DM24, I can use the faders of course. I can use the display as a replacement for a DM3200 if someone needs a fix or for a side project like a frequency analyzer on the masterbus. The PSU is from a linear type and has +5V, +11V, +3,3V, -12V, and 0V. That is always useful for other projects. The same with the meterbridge, XLR & Jack chassis connectors, but that is quite it. All the rest like the motherboard, EPROMS, chassis, push buttons TDIF expansions, etc. is good enough to throw in a trash bag and that's a bit sad, to be honest...