Just Lisa

    Hi guys!
    Oops, wrong link. Here is Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/just-lisa-3/end-of-the-world-mix-challenge-just-lisa-reverb-mix/s-MA2vJ

    Kip, when I finally heard the whole thing played together for the first time, I thought of you! So, I just printed it without doing anything else to it.
    I got it down to 16 channels (not counting the amp sim)
    five drum channels and a bus (one kick, one snare, the toms, the overheads (as a stereo track))
    one bass (mixed)
    two acoustic guitars
    two electric guitars
    lead vox
    bgvox mix
    the Ekoplate print
    two reverbs
    Basic eq and compression applied. Very random volume.
    But when I hit play, I was surprised that it sounded kinda cool!

    First thing to do is go fix the guitar tone and get rid of the amp noise.
    : )

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