John Brandt


    I have recommended 1500 cubic feet (42 cubic meters) as the minimum requirement for any decent control room since F. Alton Everest wrote it in his book "Master Handbook of Acoustics" in 1982. This volume requirement is based on the minimum required modal activity in an enclosure, within the wave region for MUSIC production.
    see Chapter 19
    "Room Size
    Problems are inevitable if sound is recorded or reproduced in spaces that are too small. Gilford states that studio volumes less than approximately 1,500 cu ft are so prone to sound coloration that they are impractical. Rooms smaller than this produce sparse modal frequencies with exaggerated spacings, which are the source of audible distortions."
    (Gilford, C.L.S., The Acoustic Design of Talks Studios and Listening Rooms, Proc. Inst. Elect. Engrs., 106, Part B, 27 (May 1959), 245-258. Reprinted in J. Audio Eng. Soc., 27, 1/2 (1979) 17-31.)

    This has been know for quite some time but we keep trying the break the laws of physics as Scotty kept warning Jim...