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Jeff Macdonald

    You'd be better off using a direct box for this. You'll get a low impedance signal for the mic pre and a hi-z for the amp. If you feed a hi-z into a preamp input your going to get some serious noise, and frankly a relatively unusable recording, unless you are going for effect. ABY are great for going to multiple effects chains or even guitar rigs, but for what you are describing a DI is the best solution.

    I would take a look at the Countryman Type 85 Active DI, it's excellent. The Radial JDI and ProDI are excellent option in the passive realm. Both doe the same thing, and it really comes down to budget and whether or not you want to/have the ability to power the active unit.

    There are some folks who swear by the method of passive pickups into active DIs, and vice versa, but I have had great results from using Passive with Passive. I don't particularly love how active pickups sound so I don't record them much.