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Erik Duijs

    Hey Adam,

    Yes, I find that removing lows and highs makes it easier for me to learn to better focus on arguably the most important part of the frequency spectrum, especially when listening in mono. My ears are far from 'golden', and I find my objectivity gets lost so quickly in terms of these technicalities, so this way of mixing seems to really help me in that regard. Sometimes I change the filter cutoffs to focus on different parts, such as the lows to focus on kick & bass.
    I still have a long way to go to get really good at mixing, but this way of working seems to work for me.

    Interesting to hear that Sonarworks has a 'system wide' function, because that was kind of a concern for me. I mean it seemed it could be difficult to use if it would only be enabled in the DAW but not when just listening to music in your studio (which I think is a very important part of the mixing process, if not directly).
    I once did an experiment to use a matching EQ, white noise and a microphone to do corrective room-EQ, but although it did work to a certain degree, I ended up not using it because it would only work in my DAW.

    Anyway, I could ramble on about this stuff for weeks, but have a great weekend Adam 🙂